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 08/18/2016 - 10:36
Image courtesy of Motawi Tileworks. Copyright 2016, all rights reserved.

The City of Saline Environmental Commission is seeking nominations for the 2016 Saline Be Green Recognition awards. 

We are looking to recognize residents and businesses who demonstrate a concern for the environment through sustainable practices, recycling, composting, watershed protection, rain gardens, energy conservation, clean energy, or simply doing extra to make our community more environmentally friendly. Help us identify and recognize residents and businesses that capture the spirit and intent of Saline Be Green by submitting a nomination.

We will accept nominations from August 19 through September 23. Anyone may submit a nomination but the nominee must be a Saline City resident or the business must be within the Saline City limits.

Examples: Programs you may want to nominate include recycling programs (public, private, commercial, corporate, industrial, institutional, school, etc.), composting programs, special event recycling, education/awareness programs, waste reduction/reuse programs, water quality, rain garden, or clean energy. Environmental initiatives can take one or many forms.

Submissions: You may submit through an online nomination form or City Hall will accept paper versions (see links here) which you may print, complete, and submit. You may also scan the completed application form and email it to [email protected].

Questions:  Contact D. Kittel at 920-279-4752 or [email protected].

We will recognize winners with a plaque at the November 14 City Council meeting. Note: Image courtesy of Motawi Tileworks. Copyright 2016, all rights reserved.

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