Saline it’s America’s Recycle Day today, November 15th

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 11/14/2016 - 21:38

America’s Recycle Day is celebrated every November 15th.  The intent was to set aside a day to think recycle, to learn more about recycling especially in your local area, to commit to a pledge in favor of recycling more, and buy recycled products or with recycling in mind.    Saline residents do a great job at recycling diverting 41% of curbside trash from the landfill.  We have recycle bins available to us and we use them.  Saline hosts an E-waste collection event every April, and a County Clean-up day every Fall.  We have outlets for responsible disposal of outdated medications, cell phones, disposable batteries and Christmas lights (seasonal) at our City Hall.  And today is the day to reflect and commit to do more.  Please take time to look at the America Recycle Day Web site, consider committing to a pledge to doing more. 

From you Saline Environmental Commission ( We are looking for volunteers!)