SalineBeGreen Award Recipients 2016

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 11/14/2016 - 20:54

The first recipients of the SalineBeGreen award were recognized at the Saline City Council Meeting Monday night.  Two residential and 5 nonresidential entities were recognized by the Environmental Commission for their demonstration of concern for the environment through sustainable practices; recycling, composting, water shed protection, rain gardens, air, energy conservation, or clean energy.

Citizens of Saline helped us identify residents and businesses through nominations to capture the spirit and intent of SalineBeGreen.  All recipients were on hand to receive a plaque and recognition in front of City Council.  The recipients included the following:


Aidan Carichner, Saline City resident

Aidan was on hand and was nominated for the "Saline Be Green" recognition for his efforts and leadership in Nike Better World Reuse A Shoe drive in our community.  Aidan coordinated the collection of over 100 pairs of used shoes from neighbors, teammates, and other community members. Instead of ending up in a landfill, these shoes were ground up and reused in athletic playing surfaces.  This demonstrated commitment to the environment is documented in the December 2015 "Youth Runner" magazine    

Sheila Bourgoin , Saline City Resident 

Sheila became a certified naturalist through a conservation program at MSU. She is skilled at identifying birds and plants. She is one of two volunteer stewards for the Joan Rodman Memorial Preserve just west of Saline on the Saline River.  In this capacity she scouts for invasive species, helps to eradicate them and leads other volunteers in this effort. She has participated in invasive species work within town and leads nature walks. She is a regular volunteer for the DNR Stewardship Program at Waterloo State Recreation Area near Chelsea. Visit:,4570,7‐153‐10366_10871‐34686‐‐,00.html

Non Residential

Saline District Library  555 North Maple Road, Saline

The Saline District Library is community leader and a showcase venue of working environmental programs.  The district library has installed solar panels, a rain garden that manages runoff from the parking lot, and library staff and volunteers recycle packing materials, paper, envelops among other things. The library hosts educational events on topics such as master rain gardening, and alternative energy.  The Friends of the Library manage both donated books as well as culled items from the library.  Giving books, tapes, CD’s a second useful life at the Corner Book Shop and the monthly Bag of Book Sales.  Mary Ellen Muclcrone accepted the award on behalf of the Library.


Carrigan Cafe 01 S. Ann Arbor St., Suite 107, Saline

Carrigan’s Cafe does their best to reduce the impact of restaurant operation by making sure there is always a recycling container available to customers, reducing the types and amount of packaging and training their staff to separate trash to remove recyclables.  Carrigan’s uses china dishes instead of disposable to serve customers.  To-go trays are compost friendly as well as drink cups.  They have also invested in LED and compact florescent lighting reducing energy.  Customers are engaged because Carrigan’s listens and responds to good suggestions.   Karen Carrigan attended the event to accept the recognition.


Finao 200 W Bennett St,  Saline

Finao is a Saline business that has quietly operated on Bennett Street for many years supplying photography albums to photography studios. They make high quality albums & products for the professional photographer market.   Each Finao album is hand‐made, USA.  They try to create minimal environmental impact through packaging while encouraging employees to reduce, reuse and recycle.  Finao recently lost one of their founders, Christine Perry-Burke, who was a driving force in the green philosophy of Finao. Employees were on hand as the company is accepting the award in Christine’s honor.   


First Presbyterian Church E. Michigan Ave. Saline

First Presbyterian Church of Saline added a solar system to generate clean energy. The project allowed parishioners to reduce their carbon footprint by sponsoring a panel for about $800. This novel way of dividing up the cost of solar panels and their installation equipment divided the cost into manageable size pieces that parishioners could buy into. This not only made the installation possible , it also allowed people who may not otherwise be able to install solar on their own property a chance to participate in saving energy costs for their church.


Pleasant Ridge Elementary 229 Pleasant Ridge Drive, Saline

Pleasant Ridge Elementary has demonstrated an outstanding example of being engaged in sustainable practices and recycling efforts, teaching our next generation habits that will help our city and society going forward.  Led by the efforts Nicole Kent, Tracy Pratt and supported by the Rex Clary, Director of Facilities for Saline Area Schools, the school participation from students, teachers, staff, and parents to maintain daily recycling practices. The school runs zero waste events, and celebrates earth day each year. These efforts deserve recognition especially the dedication of Nicole, Tracy and Rex.  Principle Kevin Musson, Tracy Pratt, and Rex Clary attended Monday evening. 

These are great examples of sustainable practices in our community and we thank all of them for their efforts.  Please join us in congratulating their accomplishments.   We look forward to new nominees next year. Please see more information on our Face Book page.


Saline Environmental Commission