As Weather Warms, Motorcycles Return to the Road

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 04/25/2013 - 11:43


Don’t like the weather?  Wait it will change.  Speaking of weather, on those few warm days and some not so warm days one of the early signs of spring has made its presence known.  I’m talking about motorcycles.

I’m going to ask everyone to remember to be vigilant and look more than once for motorcycles.  A few seconds of safe driving techniques could save everyone from years of heartache and pain.

That being said, motorcycle operators and their passengers also have a responsibility for the safe operation of a motorcycle.  Drivers have you done your equipment safety check?  Is everything working? Have you re-acclimated to your motorcycle’s equipment, switches, grips, brakes and shifting? 

Myself, I take a couple of days to re-acclimate myself and check my equipment by doing some slow driving skill drills like braking, cornering, acceleration, obstacle avoidance and using all the buttons and switches so I am familiar with them and can utilize them while driving at road speed.  A great place to do these drills is at a local school or my personal favorite a local cemetery.  Yes, the allegory is a reminder if I’m not safe, myself or the person riding with me, may end up a resident here.  But anywhere where there is no traffic and you can tune your skills would be worth the investment of time and effort. 

When operating a motorcycle, defensive driving is “standard operating procedure.”  Remember what you are driving and even if you are “in the right,” if you crash, most likely it’s going to hurt you and your passenger.  Safety equipment is always a plus, helmet, gloves, eye protection, boots, etc.  If you choose not to use certain safety equipment, as my wife says, “choice is a wonderful thing, so is responsibility.”

I was out driving I-96 and US-23 last weekend and saw several groups out picking up litter.  It was great to see people making the effort to make their community a better and cleaner place to live.  You did a great job and thank you for your efforts. 

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