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 08/15/2012 - 17:23

I'm on my way to take pictures of the football team and I have time to stop for dinner.

Today's stop: Joyful House (515 E Michigan, 734.944.3197, http://www.joyfulhouserestaurant.com)

Since giving up soda, breads noodles and rices, settling on dishes in an Asian restaurant isn't easy, as the white rice and noodles are often needed to soak up and balance some of those yummy sauces.

I've decided to go with the Beef and Brocolli dinner for $10:45.

It's about 4:45 p.m. and the early dinner crowd is keeping the family staff busy. I learned today that some people make their own breaded chicken and stop at Joyful House for the sweet and sour sauce. It's a very small restaurant so you hear everyone's conversations.

The meal begins with a soup. I've decided on egg drop soup over hot-and-sour and wonton.

It proves to be a good choice. Just the right amount of saltiness and the amount of egg makes for a a good texture. I decide to bend the rules of my diet and put the deep fried noodles in my soup. They're awesome.

The question I had coming in was the beef with broccoli, a dish I've been hooked on since delivering Chinese food in college. I have two reasons for my doubt as the food arives. For one, I'm eating without white rice. Secondly, I've had the chicken and broccoli here before and I wasn't very fond of it. Was it just that I'm not a fan of chicken and broccoli? Or was it something about the way Joyful House makes their sauces?

The food has arrived and I start in.

One thing that I immediately notice is that the broccoli has good crispness. That's a make or break quality. The sauce isn't the best in the world, but it's still good enough to make the beef and broccoli tasty. The beef is also cooked well. It's not the best beef and broccoli dish I've ever tasted. But it's good.

Quantity wise, I've eaten about half of it and I'm full. Hope it lasts in the car during football practice and I can eat this while uploading pictures tonight.

All in all, it was an enjoyable trip to Joyful House. I'm out about $14 after the tip. That still seems steep to me. But in in today's market, it's not so bad. 


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