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 11/26/2012 - 19:26

The Saline Area Schools district began its strategic planning process Monday night. The process began with 75 people introducing themselves and speaking about their pride in the school district..

Here's a sample of what was said.


Everything we do, we do as well as possible

Transport team that brings kids safely to school each day.

Quality of education children receive

Excellence that is recognized throughout the state.

Never ending quest to be a little better each day

People aren’t satisfied with what have, they want more

Proud of Saline Middle School

Proud there are 150 kids at Heritage reading at 8-9th grade level or above

Other schools districts model after us

Proud of so many parents supportive of education, part of staff committed to educating young minds that are here

If I have an idea I can go to Scot or Steve and  we can make things happen.

Proud over 11 years I spent in the PTOs and PTAs helping to get projects through

Proud that so many people appreciate the schools, and right after that, the library

I am in awe of skill level of teachers at Pleasant Ridge

It was awesome to author a health care program that is the only science based treatment program in Michigan and the USA.

I am most proud of the more than 1,000 student athletes from national champions to kids just looking to be involved. And I’m proud of all the support given to those students.

There is something special going on Saline we wanted to be part of.

I am proud of the flexibility of schools to handle urgent situations at drop of hat and allowing parents to do interesting things with students

Very proud of special education. Saline believes all children should be educated to highest potential.

Amazed by vast number of programs Saline has. Everyone knows about Saline and amazing opportunities kids have to get involved outside basics.

I am most proud of special education. I have an IEP kid, he gets a lot of extra help.

Most proud of easy access to teachers Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Girbach.

Proud of comprehensive programs. Proud of passion of school employees and willingness to consider parent input and community input.

Skill set of this staff is very unique. We’re lucky we have a dedicated staff.

Very thankful to be employed by Saline Area Schools. I’m really proud of the staff we work with. They are fantastic.

Commitment to get better in this district and the collaborative approach. Not all the time do you see a district where staff send kids there, and you see that all the time here. You can’t make a bigger endorsement.

Ditto. This turnout is proof of the community engagement Saline enjoys and expects of one another.  The community partnerships are a point of pride.

Our staff goes to work to make sure kids love to learn and go to school.

Left another career to be a teacher in this district. The experience I’ve had reinforces daily that this was the correct decision to make.

As  a parent to see young elementary school teachers and how they build confidence in children.

The relationships I’ve built over the last couple years with high school counselors and administrators.

My point of pride is how many people are willing to put their heart and soul into the schools.

Dynamic group of people who work at the middle school..

The supportive parents, staff and administrators. I believe in this community so much that three weeks ago we became part of the community.

We always thought we’d move back to the East Coast. But the atmosphere to raise your kids in Saline is so great that we decided to stay.

The students come in each day and amaze me with their willingness to work.

Having gone to Saline schools, I appreciate the core values of Saline Schools. You look around and want to know who is raising our kids, and they understand the Saline schools core values.

Proud to be part of the community that has so much pride in the school system and making sure kids get the best education they possibly can.

Proud to be part of a department that continually evolves to develop skills in reading and technology.

One of my professors at Eastern said, when I turned in a paper, you’re from Saline aren’t you. She could tell from the level of excellence.

Saline still has comprehensive career and tech program. It’s very expensive but very important for those kids.

Working with six school districts to make up the SWWC consortium.

Most proud that I get to teach with dedicated, knowledgeable staff.

Most proud of the students I teach each day. I am amazed at what students can accomplish so I am extremely proud of that.

Really proud we made such a smart decision to move to Saline and send our kids to Saline. A real point of pride is the openness we got from teachers and staff.

I love to brag about the school district. These teachers in Saline are incredible.

Most proud of maintaining the school district grounds with only four people on the department.

The caring community. If ask, they will give.

Very proud of Saline Schools become such a part of our everyday lives and the lifelong relationships that come from Saline schools.

The level of collaboration between schools.

Activities like this. This kind of thing doesn’t happen everywhere.

The all-hands-on-deck staff I work with every day. Everyone jumps in to help.

When I look at this room and see people who’ve made an impact on my children’s lives I feel pride.

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