Enbridge Tests Pipeline in Saline Area

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 03/20/2013 - 11:11

Enbridge Pipeline is conducting tests in the Saline Area today.

Enbridge Pipelines (Toledo) Inc. is planning to conduct a hydrostatic pressure test on the leased segment of the Wolverine Pipeline, Line 79 Pipeline System, which impacts portions of Washtenaw and Wayne counties. Anyone observing a leak during the testing period is asked to call their emergency line at (800) 858-5253, which is answered 24 hours a day.

The following message was sent by Pittsfield Township:

The test begins at a section point starting at Schneider Road in Washtenaw County and ends in Van Buren Township in Wayne County, east of the Lower Huron Metro Park Parkway. A pdf map for pipeline location/routing has been posted on the Pittsfield Twp. website. 

Hydrostatic testing pumps pressurized, non-toxic water which has been dyed an identifiable color, raising the pressure on the pipeline to well above normal operating pressures (1500 psi). 

Signs noting “High Pressure Test” will be placed along public access and other surrounding areas near the test site and the public is requested to stay a minimum of 100 feet from the testing area. Testing is expected to take place during daylight hours. We are advising the community that before, during and after this test, work crews may be on and near the pipeline right-of-way. 

For all other questions regarding the hydrostatic testing, please callEnbridge public relations at 1-855-788-7806.


The blue line represents the pipeline.

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