Woman Who Stole Filet Mignon From Busch's May Face Charges

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 03/18/2013 - 19:00



A 56-year-old Saline woman faces retail fraud charges after an incident at Busch’s March 16. Police were called to Busch’s grocery store at 10:21 p.m. The night manager said she saw a woman push a cart through a cashier’s line to pay for two items of food.  The manager noticed a silver whisk protruding from underneath the woman’s purse. The woman said she forgot to pay for the item. When the purse was moved several other items were revealed. The manager asked the woman to come back into the store with her, but the woman continued out to her grey Ford pickup truck and departed. The manager gave the license plate number police, who were unable to locate the woman at her home in Saline.

The woman later turned herself into Saline Police. The woman told police she has been treated for crack addiction and that she suffered from bipolar disorder and panic attacks. She claimed things were "fuzzy" around the time of the incident at Busch’s but later admitted to stealing meat because "it was so expensive," according to the report.

Police said $44 of items were stolen and recovered, including a $22 filet mignon.

Woman Faces Charges for Pawning Ex-boyfriend's Wedding Band

A  40-year-old Saline woman may face charges after allegedly stealing a wedding band from her ex-boyfriend from Canton. The ring was pawned for $210 at Accent Jewelers in downtown Saline. The ring was returned to the owner and the woman has made arrangements to pay the jeweler back, according to police. The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s office authorized a complaint and  warrant for her arrest.

Saline Man Faces Third Drunk Driving Charge


A 57-year-old Saline man was arrested for operating while impaired at 1 a.m. March 17. Police were conducting a  traffic stop when they saw a red van making a u-turn before it stopped in the middle of the road. Police released the driver they were investigating and began investigating the red van.

A breath test showed a preliminary breath test of .220. A chemical breath test showed a blood alcohol content of .29.

Police are asking the prosecutor’s office to authorize a felony charge for a third OWI offense.

ID Theft Used in Scam

A 20-year-old former Saline man was victim of an identity theft scam.

Police believe someone visited Wal-Mart.com and used the man’s name to order a $239 ring that was shipped to California. From there, the package was shipped to Ghana.

Police in Riverside California were tipped off to the scam by the “middle man,” a 39-year-old Bermuda Dunes woman who told police she was shipping packages to her Internet boyfriend she met on www.militarypenpals.net. He told the woman, who believed they were to get married, that he was in Afghanistan and he needed someone to ship packages to him. Police found about a dozen packages that were purchased by people from all over the country, but being shipped to California.

Police advised the man, now a University of Michigan student, to check his credit.

Drunk Student Arrested At School

An 18-year-olld Saline Alternative High School student from Pittsfield Township was arrested for minor in possession of alcohol March 18. School officials called police when a student could not stay awake or stay focused. A breathalyzer showed a blood alcohol content of .19. He was lodged at the Saline Police Department.

Window Smashed on Tower Street

On March 15, someone smashed out the rear window of a Ford Taurus parked in front of Tower Street home.



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