Dr. Pomerance Welcomes SB Sleep & Breathing Center

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 09/07/2017 - 14:44
Photographed: Laura McClain- SACC, Dr. Weintraub- Medical Director at SB Sleep & Breathing Center, Brandon Jones- SB Sleep & Breathing Center, Cristine Santimore- Pomerance Integrative Dental, Sheryl Pomerance, DDS- Pomerance Integrative Dental and Jeremiah Johnson- SACC President (Not photographed- Ella Jones- SB Sleep & Breathing Center)

Sheryl Pomerance, DDS is very passionate about dental sleep medicine and oral appliances for sleep apnea.  Dr. Pomerance is honored to have SB Sleep & Breathing Center in Saline.

SB Sleep & Breathing Center is located in the Gateway complex Center at 166 S. Industrial Drive. (First driveway on the right on S. Industrial Drive.)

Sleep and Breathing Sleep Center can help you be your Best!  We offer: Prompt courteous service, with no wait for an appointment, Cozy and warm environment, Safe and easy to find location, on-site CPAP education, PAP Naps and most important Registered and Certified Staff.  Please give us a call today. (734) 316-2753


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