Late Meal at Brecon Grille Clinches Scavenger Hunt Victory for Jenna Saldana

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 09/26/2019 - 00:51
Jenna Saldana poses with Laura McClain, of the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce. Saldana won the chamber's scavenger hunt.

A later Sunday evening dinner with her daughter at Brecon Grille put Jenna Saldana over the top in the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce's inaugural scavenger hunt.

Saldana had downloaded the required app and was bound and determined to win the contest. It was a Sunday - the last day of the hunt. And many businesses were closed. Saldana searched the app and saw she could earn 50 points by having dinner at Brecon Grille. So, she and her daughter dined at the eatery at the four corners.

Saldana won by 30 points.

Wednesday, she visited the chamber's offices to collect her winnings - including a $100 gift card.


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