Mac's Celebrates 20 Years in Business With Open House Aug. 3

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 07/27/2016 - 17:31
Photo by Bob Conradi

In honor of their 20th Anniversary, Mac’s Acadian Seafood Shack is inviting everyone to a special Open House on Wednesday, Aug. 3 from 4:30-7 p.m.

The restaurant opened on Aug. 1, 1996 and has since been a destination point in Saline.

Owners Wally and Cindy MacNeil have successfully navigated the restaurant landscape by offering a superior menu, excellent service, a dedicated staff, and countless hours of their time to serve their legion of very loyal customers.

On any given day you’ll find all kinds of people enjoying lunch or dinner at Mac’s---whether business people, local civic leaders, politicians, families, service clubs, or visitors who’ve come to Saline just for the highly touted Mac’s experience. Add to this a long list of local community causes Mac’s is known for supporting and it’s easy to understand why Salinians say “Mac’s has it all.”

Mac’s Acadian Seafood Shack has truly enjoyed an interesting and remarkable success story through the years as Saline has grown.

“Through it all, I’m still having fun!” said Wally MacNeil. “We hope as many people as possible can come out and help us celebrate in August. They’re not only our customers, they’re our friends and we appreciate the ongoing and loyal support we’ve received from the Saline community and all those who make Mac’s a destination.”

In addition to the Open House on Aug. 3, the celebration will continue Aug. 1-20 with twenty days of fun, anniversary specials and promotions as they look back on two decades of history.

Visit Mac’s website and follow Mac’s on Facebook for all the updates on the Mac’s 20th Anniversary – 20 Day Celebration!

“Personally, I have to say that I am really happy for them. They’re an incredible presence for an upscale small town like Saline,” says Larry Osterling, retired Director of the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce. “Twenty successful years in the competitive restaurant business equates to something like a hundred years in a lot of other things. When you look over the last twenty years and consider what the MacNeils have done and what they’ve gone through both professionally and personally, well, you develop respect. I think maybe the MacNeils may have this 20th anniversary thing a little turned around---maybe we should be the ones throwing a party to show our appreciation for them. They can take a lot of credit for the economic development that has taken place in Saline’s downtown area.”


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