Mod Squad Salon Celebrates Opening of Downtown Saline Location

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 07/31/2017 - 18:52
Renee Fonseca is owner of Mod Squad Salon, which recently moved from The Oaks shopping plaza to its new home in downtown Saline, at 108 E. Michigan Ave.

Only two weeks after moving her salon from The Oaks shopping plaza to downtown Saline, Renee Fonseca is seeing the results.

(Mod Squad Salon is located at 108 E. Michigan Ave. | 734-429 – 9000 | [email protected] | Facebook)

Fonseca recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Mod Squad Salon. She spent the entire 10 years building her business in The Oaks. But she wanted change – for many reasons.

“I wanted to be part of all the community events downtown,” Fonseca said. “I also wanted to upgrade my brand a little bit and reinvent my business.”

After two weeks in her new place, it’s too early to say how Mod Squad Salon is doing on those fronts, but on another, she’s hitting the mark.

“I just think this location is more conducive for walk-in-traffic for my stylists who are building clientele,” Fonseca said.

She opened July 14. So far, her theory is back by numbers.

“We’ve had more walk-in traffic in two weeks than I would have had in an entire month,” Fonseca said. “Business has been good.”

Mod Squad Salon celebrated the grand opening of its new home, at 108 E. Michigan Ave., Monday morning. With 12 employees and stylists at her side, Fonseca used the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce’s giant scissors to cut the ribbon shortly after 11 a.m. Mayor Brian Marl, City Councillor Christen Mitchell, City Manager Todd Campbell and Congressman Tim Walberg were among the political luminaries offering support. They were also joined by Riley Hollenbaugh, of Saline Main Street, John Olsen, of the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce, and downtown business owners, including Wally MacNeil and Jeremiah Johnson.

Mod Squad’s new home was most recently home to an insurance office and a coin shop. MacNeil, owner of Mac’s Acadian Seafood Shack next-door, was glad to see Mod Squad move in.

“I think her first customers when she moved in left her salon and came over to our place for lunch,” MacNeil said. “I’m glad to see a service industry that brings more foot traffic downtown.”

Hollenbaugh said he thinks Mod Squad Salon is a nice fit for downtown Saline. He sees the business bringing more people downtown, or giving people already here more reason stay a little longer.

“Mod Squad is a great addition to our downtown. It's going to bring so many people downtown to visit out great businesses. But it's also going to create new walk-ins for her business. These businesses complement each other,” Hollenbaugh said. “It's good to have a good mix downtown, which is what this provides.”

John Olsen, Director of the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce, agreed.

Both Mayor Marl and Congressman Walberg also spoke following the ribbon cutting.

Walberg spoke about the importance of small business and then thanked Mod Squad for making people in Saline look so good.

Marl said that unique small businesses like Mod Squad, along with the historic buildings, are what gives Downtown Saline its charm.

“Part of what makes our downtown successful are the unique, boutique businesses that put a strong emphasis on quality and customer service. That's your reputation and that's why we're so delighted to have you in our downtown,” Marl said.

Fonseca said she’d been eying this downtown location, with the exposed brick walls she adores, for some time. Now that she’s got it, she’s excited.

“I'm very happy. The girls are inspired. We love being downtown,” Fonseca said. “Everybody has welcomed up with open arms.”

Mod Squad is open  Monday, 12-8 p.m., Tuesday-Thursday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday, 9 p.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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