Pittsfield-based Dynics receives tax abatement, to create new jobs in Washtenaw County

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 04/13/2018 - 11:44
Map showing location of Dynics
This page from Dynics' website has a map showing where the industrial computer systems firm is located.

Dynics, a technology firm in Pittsfield Township specializing in industrial computer systems, will be adding more jobs in Washtenaw County, helped by a tax abatement approved by the Pittsfield Township board of trustees at their April 11 meeting.

The firm, located at 620 Technology Drive in Pittsfield Township, started off primarily focusing on industrial hardware but has been increasingly focusing on software. Dynics President Ed Gatt was on hand to answer trustees' questions and said that the firm expects to add at least 10 new programmers to the staff of 77 by the end of 2018 and invest more than $800,000 into improving the property.

"Dynics will be growing tremendously in the next few years," Gatt said, noting that the company will be increasing its international sales as well as growing at its Michigan location.

Their request for a 12-year property tax exemption was approved by the board of trustees after a public hearing period. The company will receive a 50 percent reduction (as set by the State Tax Commission) on property taxes for the new construction.

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