Quantum Signal Announces New Version of Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Tool

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 12/11/2017 - 10:51

Quantum Signal, LLC (QS) is proud to announce a new release of its market-leading intelligent and autonomous vehicle simulation tool, ANVEL. ANVEL version 2.5 was released November 29, 2017 and is now available to current and new users at anvelsim.com. The software provides a real-time, interactive virtual “proving ground” for those developing advanced ground robotic systems and autonomous vehicle technology, helping users perform research, development, validation, and verification of capabilities efficiently and effectively from their desktop. It supports the development of military robots, autonomy and ADAS technologies for passenger cars and trucks, intelligent construction and mining equipment, warehouse robots, and more.  ANVEL has and is facilitating a wide range of programs, including major US Army robotics efforts such as the Common Robotic System Individual (CRS-I); the Route Clearance Interrogation System (RCIS); the Autonomous Mobility Appliqué System (AMAS); and the Autonomous Ground Resupply (AGR) program.  In addition, ANVEL is used in well-known academic institutions, such as the University of Michigan and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). ANVEL comes in three editions – Government, Commercial, and Academic, and is built for both Windows and Ubuntu Linux operating systems.

New Features

ANVEL 2.5 is built upon updated versions of core open-source software engines that power the rendering and physics simulation (OGRE, ODE), which improves the performance over the previous version. New features include a spline-based pathing option supporting smoothly curved paths in 3D space, and the ability to attach Python scripts to objects in the simulation, enabling a wide range of programmatic behaviors. The asset management user interface has been redesigned for better usability, searching, and tagging. Several new vehicles and assets have been added, including a semi-truck, sedan, and a redesigned all-terrain vehicle. Additionally, the online user manual and documentation has been thoroughly updated.



For more information, visit the ANVEL website – anvelsim.com – or contact QS at (734) 429-9100.

About the Company

Quantum Signal, established in 1999 as a spinoff of the University of Michigan, specializes in mobile robotics software and solutions, math-based engineering, and custom product development. The company’s clients include a wide variety of organizations in the public and private sectors, and their technologies and products are in use throughout the United States and around the world. Quantum Signal is based in Saline, Michigan.



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