RuralReach Offers High-Speed Internet to Saline and Bridgewater Townships

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 03/25/2020 - 15:45

Efforts to stop people from spreading the coronavirus mean people are working from home. And beginning April 6, Saline Area Schools teachers will begin leading lessons in “online classrooms.”

That presents a challenge for residents in rural areas south and west of town, where access to broadband is limited.

One local company is striving to meet that need.

RuralReach, a company purchased by Saline-based IVSComm in 2017, is offering many rural residents high-speed internet. RuralReach is a small Wireless Internet Service Provider.

The company pipes in from an internet backbone and then broadcasts from towers straight to reception devices at homes and businesses.

RuralReach’s newest tower at Arkona and Macon roads, in Saline Township, came online Monday. It broadcasts three miles in any direction. RuralReach serves west Saline, Bridgewater, Dexter, Chelsea, Manchester, Grass Lake, Hudson and Addison.

Steve Godell, of IVSComm, said RuralReach can provide internet capable of streaming high definition television in one room while someone video-conferences in another.

Here’s the pricing:

  • 5Mb down, 1Mb up, $70/month 

  • 10Mb down, 2Mb up $90/month

  • 15Mb down, 3 Mb up $115/month

  • 20Mb down, 4 Mb up $140/month

  • 25Mb down, 5 Mb up $165/month

For more information or to see if you’re in the coverage area, call 734-433-1558 or visit


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