Saline Business Offers Athletes and Coaches a Place To Train on Turf

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 01/06/2020 - 18:06

Saline’s young soccer players - and other athletes - have a new place to train and work on their skills.

Saline native Dan Roughton opened Goals Indoor Turf Training Facility opened at 1201 Industrial Drive in March. Roughton is a contractor who does work for Tri-County Electric - owner of the building. Through the years, he’s been involved in coaching other sports, including volleyball. When his sons, aged 13 and 9, developed an interest in soccer, Roughton began thinking of ways to help them get the training they wanted.  With Saline’s athletic facilities constantly in use, local space was at a premium. So, Roughton opened his own facility.

Goals Indoor Turf Training facility features offices in the front. The main attraction is in back --  a 60-by-45 foot turfed room with high ceilings. The turf came straight from Hornet Stadium, which was re-turfed last summer. Goals originally opened as Extra Time. After two months, Roughton switched the focus to training rentals and changed the name to Goals Indoor Turf Training Facility in March.

“With Saline being so saturated with all of the travel sports, field time is a premium. We were just looking for an avenue to allow more people to get a chance to find a space for soccer training and other turf sports training,” Roughton said.

Coaches rent the space for training exercises. Being indoors, coaches do not have to worry about weather disruptions. At 60-by-45 feet, the field obviously isn’t big enough for games, practices - or even a proper soccer shootout. But, says Roughton, the space allows for important skill development. One of Goals’ most important partnerships is with On The Ball Training.

It’s a little like the old batting practice with a pitching machine. But in this case, the machine spots out balls to the player, who takes the pass and then quickly plays it to a specified place. A coach from On The Ball works with the player during the routine. The repetition and one-on-one coaching is designed to help a player develop touch. 

“On The Ball teaches the athlete to identify where the defender is, find the open space away from the defender, and move the ball quickly and accurately. Kids can get hundreds of touches an hour,” Roughton said. “It’s the kind of thing you can’t really work on with 22 players on a big soccer field.”

There is no shortage of potential training opportunities in the space.

Roughton as developed a relationship with Saline FC - the longtime youth soccer organization serving the Saline Area. In fact, Saline FC, which rents the fields across the street, also rents an office in the Goals Indoor Turf Training Facility.

“It's pretty convenient for them gives the coaches a place to go in between training and practices,” Roughton said.

The space has also been used by coaches training field hockey athletes.

Roughton said the facility is usually rented five days a week and he’s flexible when it comes to working with coaches on times. Roughton said several athletes who’ve trained at Goals’ have gone on to win spots on sought-after academy teams.

“It’s a great place to train for athletes looking for a real competitive edge,” Roughton said.

Anyone who wants to rent space should email Dan at [email protected].

Goals is just the latest industrial park space dedicated to youth sports. 03 Sports opened on Woodland Drive. Huron Valley Volleyball and Michigan Sports Academy (baseball and softball) also operate out of facilities on Woodland Drive.



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