UAW Members Could Strike at Saline Faurecia Plant at Midnight

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 06/20/2019 - 16:25

UAW Local 892 members may strike at the Saline Faurecia plant at 12:01 a.m., Friday.

The union has notified workers to be prepared to gather belongings and leave the plant.



Faurecia spokesperson Misty Matthews declined to comment on negotiations “out of respect” to the union. Matthews couldn't immediately cite the number of employees and UAW members at the plant. reported the plant, which supplies interior parts to Ford, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and Tesla, employees 1,900 people.

The Saline Post has been unable to reach UAW 982 president Larry Robinson for comment. The post has also reached out to UAW Region 1A Director Chuck Browning.

According to a letter from union officials to membership, the last collective bargaining agreement between Faurecia and the UAW, reached in 2015, expired June 1. The letter says that UAW regional director Chuck Browning granted a three-week extension in hopes of reaching an agreement “we could all be proud of.”

But as of today, such a deal has proven elusive.

Workers who spoke with The Saline Post on the condition of anonymity, say they’ve been told a strike is very likely, but they won’t know for sure until just after midnight.

Following tonight’s shift, workers have been told to congregate at the union hall on Woodland Drive.

“It’s rough in here. The money is good if you’ve made the right moves, but the hours are long and the conditions are despicable,” one worker said.



One worker sent The Saline Post a video of rain falling through the roof into a massive puddle on the shop floor, which has portable toilets for workers because of bad plumbing.

Another worker talked about wanting a pay increase, more profit sharing and a better policy on attendance.

“I’d like to avoid a strike, because strike pay is like $250 a week before taxes, and many workers can’t survive on that. But workers are willing to strike for a better deal when it comes down to it,” the worker said.

In 2015 union leadership presented a tentative deal only to see membership vote against ratification. A month later, workers voted to ratify a similar deal. That deal saw operators starting at $12 and hour and topping out at $17,50 – a $2 an hour increase at the top level. Process techs saw their maximum hourly wage increase from $16-17.50 to $22. Maintenance workers increased from $28 to $32. Workers also received a $2,500 ratification bonus. In addition, the union and Faurecia agreed to create a new harassment hotline and a process to address harassment allegations.

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