UAW Members Ratify Contract with Faurecia

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 06/28/2019 - 13:10

The deal struck between UAW negotiators and Faurecia was ratified by an overwhelming majority of UAW Local 892 voters Thursday.

According to the Detroit News, 83 percent of production workers and 93 percent of skilled trades workers approved the deal.

According to information distributed by the UAW to membership, new workers will be hired at $14.25 per hour and rise to $20.25 per hour within four years. Currently, workers hire in at $13 an hour and top out at $17.50.

Skilled trades workers, making $32 an hour and less today, will see their rate rise to $34.50 this year and $36 in 2022.

There's also language in the contract preventing some forced overtime. The UAW also negotiated for a health and safety representative.

Workers went on strike shortly after midnight June 21. UAW and Faurecia negotiators hammered out a deal at Liberty School and workers were back on the job later that morning.

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