X-Golf Ann Arbor Celebrates Grand Opening in Saline Saturday

 10/24/2017 - 10:35

Golfers in the Ann Arbor area can ask: Do I feel like a quick nine around Bethpage Black? Or should I take on some competition for amazing prizes at Bay Hill Golf and Country Club?  How about a dream round at Pebble Beach?

The answers are yes with X-Golf Ann Arbor, an exciting new golf venue.  

Jeff Tapp, John Miller and the X-Golf America team have come together to launch a golf complex and hangout to rival the best in the Midwest.

X-Golf Ann Arbor, 1345 E. Michigan Ave., in Saline, features five amazing X-Golf Simulators, and all the amenities that allow players of various skill levels to enjoy a relaxed, social, and state of the art golf experience complete with food and full beverage service.

“X-Golf has given us the opportunity to bring the most advanced golf technology from around the world right to the people of Ann Arbor,” said Jeff Tapp of X-Golf. “From the automatic ball teeing system to the most comprehensive indoor tracking system in the industry, it’s amazing what you can do and just how much fun it is to play. I really can’t wait to see the golfers play, compete, and relax at X-Golf Ann Arbor.”

The Grand Opening is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017 at 11 a.m.

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Saline 12 east by Janet Deaton's picture

It's worth underscoring a very important point in this article. X-Golf America is a new business that has chosen Saline as the place to be for its launch. We've all seen stories made when companies move from one location to another within a community. Often times this is due to expansion, which in and of itself is spectacular. But brand new business is in a different class. It can really grow the pie! It can mean bringing all sorts of new types of customers and ancillaries with it. And, given the risk inherent in any startup, it means ownership that thinks Saline is the best bet for success against that risk. Thank you, Jeff Tapp and John Miller, for choosing Saline. Welcome!

dlovett's picture

  Why is it so important to tie everything in Saline to Ann Arbor?   Why not X Golf Saline?  Or X Golf America?  Is it because the owners are not from Saline and prefer the “Ann Arbor” brand?  If so, then why didn’t they open the business in Ann Arbor? 

I see other new businesses have no problem attaching Saline to their names.  Ie http://www.emagine-entertainment.com/locations/saline/

TappC's picture

X Golf America Inc. (corporate) offers exclusive territories to franchisees.  In this case the territory was Ann Arbor and the owners chose their location in Saline versus within Ann Arbor city limits.