Yogacentric Celebrates Grand Opening of New Home in Saline

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 01/30/2018 - 16:30
Kimberly Schipper has moved Yogacentric down the street to 401 N. Ann Arbor St., in Saline.


At Yogacentric, Kimberly Schipper and her teachers are dedicated to a healthy mind and body.

Their students’ appreciation for their dedication has led to a healthy business.

Last Friday, Yogacentric celebrated the grand opening of their new home at 401 N. Ann Arbor St. Officials from the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Brian Marl and Councillor Janet Dillon joined Yogacentric’s staff and students for a ribbon cutting. Then Schipper held her first class in her new home - donating the proceeds to Saline Area Social Service.

It was a big day for Schipper.

“I’m really, really proud. I feel grateful to be a part of this community and to see it grow. I am super excited about everything we get to do here,” she said.

Yogacentric was founded by Schipper in 2012. She opened her first studio on Michigan Avenue, in a small space in front of the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce. When she outgrew that space, she moved to a new home in the old Redies building on Bennett Street. Last week, after five years on Bennett Street, she moved a couple hundred yards down the road to her new home.

“I’ve wanted the this space for a long time, so I feel like I manifested this outcome,” Schipper said. “Eventually, I was able to afford it. Then it became available and everything worked out.”

The space is larger. She has 1,800 square feet.

“We want to build a bigger community. The old space limited us a little bit,” Schipper said.

Yogacentric has 1,600 students, with up to 900 using the studio at least once a month, Schipper estimated.

“There was no space to sit after class and have tea. Now we have space for childcare, something I realize is every important now that I have a kid,” she said. “Now we have space for events.”

One of the events at Yogacentric is meatless Mondays, where people come to class and have dinner with Schipper and her staff.

The new studio has a mini-kitchen and a space for massages and facials. She also has a basement for storage.

She believes Yogacentric will have more visibility with window space at one of Saline’s busiest intersections.

Schipper is happy with her new home and the positive growth of her business. She explained why her business continues to grow.

“I think some yoga studios are about being hip. We’re a mind-body studio. We’re all about healing, mentally and physically,” Schipper said. “When you come ro our class, we’re not just making you into a yoga pretzel, we want to make you stronger, more flexible and more peaceful.”

Mindfulness and inspiration are important elements of her classes.

“Another reason people keep coming back is community. If you come to a class, we have regulars, so you when you walk in, you know someone,” Schipper said. “We know our students. We know their stories and how far they’ve come.”

Yogacentric is more affordable than many Ann Arbor studios. Students can walk in for $15 (or $5 on Fridays). Unlimited monthly packages cost $80.

“If you come to two classes a week, that’s a good place to start,” Schipper said. “We offer passive and relaxing classes and we offer classes that improve your strength, balance and flexibility and make your body feel amazing.”

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