Cast Announced for SAP's Spring Show

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 02/05/2019 - 20:20
Emma Hutchinson (Jeanie) and Barbara Day (Mag) play waitress and cook in the Showtime Cafe

Saline Area Players announce the cast for their spring show Scrambled. The play takes place in the fictitious Showtime Café run by Purdy played by Karrie Waarala.  Working in the café is the “seen-it-all” cook Mag, played by Barbara Day, and the young waitress Jeanie, played by Emma Hutchinson.  Jeanie’s boyfriend, Cody, who is hoping to put a spark back into their relationship is played by Alex Ross.  Regulars in the cafe include Oracle Mathias, the joke-cracking town sage, played by Gary Glover, and the town gossips Amelia Bickle played by Ann Marie Mann and Celia Parker played by Patti Ringe.  The two teenage friends who frequent the café, always heading for the potato chips, are Twyla played by Hannah Weatherly, and the comic side-kick TJ, played by John Harrell. 


All the dishes in the café are named after movie themes, like “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Ham.”  The place is abuzz because they are anticipating a food critic coming to town.  And to complicate things, when a new couple shows up in town, Grant and Connie Morton, played by Brent Lofgren and Taylor Hart, we learn that Purdy’s old boyfriend might be in town too.  Everyone who comes to the café is suspect.  We meet Miles, an insurance salesman, played by Jerry Doty, and the “stranger” played by Kyle Newmeyer.  And adding to the fun, is the town doctor, Lucy Rohower, played by Krissa Rumsey, who not only keeps up her medical practice, but lets the townspeople use her scale for weighing during the catfish tournament.  


The show is written by Pat Cook who also wrote Murder for Dummies, which SAP performed to enthusiastic audiences in the spring of 2018.  Margi Chriscinske is working on a colorful set filled with movie posters and themes and Sara Honsowetz is providing costumes for the show.  Mary Rumman is the artistic director and Alyssa Dawson is the producer. Debra Warila will create the sets.  Show dates are March 21-23 – stay tuned for more info coming soon on SAP’s website at