Troll Bridge? circa 1919

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Troll Bridge? circa 1919

Postcard, the only markings on which read as you see here: "Bridge Over Saline River, Saline, Mich." There's a handwritten message on the back with a date of July 28, 1919.

Does anyone know if this is the "Troll Bridge"?

Referenced in The Saline Post (among other places, to be sure) on November 1, 2013, the Troll Bridge would have crossed the Saline River south of the city, some distance out on South Maple Road.

Note: Copyright on this image has expired and it is being posted as Public Domain.

Saline Valley Farms

Hey Tran,
In your referenced article you said, "In fact, I'm thinking about inquiring about one of the old farm houses in on the Ella Lee Drive circle. There's something incredibly serene about the area."

Well, someone moved out this week making one available!! :)

( and you might be interested to know that I took pictures as they filled in the old pool several winters ago)

Troll Bridge

My husband who has lived in the area a long time, does not think that is the Troll bridge on Maple road.  To his knowledge there was never a fence as shown in the picture on the left , the river looks to large for that area.  in addition the bridge looks different than the Iron bridge that used to be there.  Hope this helps.  


troll bridge

the troll bridge is on maple just south of the milkey road intersection.We had many parties there in the 70's .The bridge has been replaced 3 or 4 times and its was a lot less open with more trees and bushes in the 70's than in this picture .We kept seeing a light at first but couldnt find anyone but we finally found him in a drainage pipe that went under the road which the opening was conceled by tall grass and weeds .It was someone we knew