City Signals a Tougher Stance in Demand That Monroe Street Home is Demolished

 02/13/2018 - 02:02
This vacant home on South Monroe Street has been the target of vandals and mischief makers. The city wants the home torn down.

Saline City Council appears ready to take a tougher stance with the developer who has yet to tear down the dilapidated home on South Monroe Street.

In November, Damian Farrell, who purchased city-owned land to build a condominium project, told city council that he planned to demolish the vandalized home as soon as he had the go-ahead from utility companies. Farrell’s  Fairdene development has been at a standstill since the manufacturer of prefabricated modules used for the condominiums went out of business.

Councillors Dean Girbach and Janet Dillon have been pressing Mayor Brian Marl and City Manager Todd Campbells for answers on the property. It appears Marl’s patience is also being tested. At last Monday’s council meeting, Marl told council if the home wasn’t razed in a month’s time, council should consider its options.

“I connected with Damian Farrell Sunday and expressed the city’s desire that he expedite the demolition of the home. I asked if it was realistic that it could be demolished in a month’s time. He agreed it could be,” Marl said.

Marl said he would like to add the item as an agenda item in March.

“Hopefully, it’s removed by then. If not, we’ll discuss our options.”

Councillor Dillon said she appreciated Marl reaching out to Farrell, but seemed to indicate Farrell has had enough time. She referenced an email she sent Jan. 26.

“This will be six weeks beyond the the email and we’re still waiting on him. Would we do this for everyone?” Dillon asked. “The site is unsightly. I don’t know why we’re not being more aggressive in pursuing this.”

Marl said the tone of his call was respectful.

“We have a good rapport. I stressed in the strongest terms our desire that he remove the home. But we have to maintain a strong working relationship (with him). He has completed quality projects across the area and around the country,” Marl said.

Councillor Girbach said he was worried the city might once again find itself staring at a torn up vacant parcel of land. Girbach asked what City Attorney Scott Smith if the city had levers in the purchase agreement that might force action.

“He still needs to comply with the ordinances,” Smith said.

Meanwhile, Farrell continues to work toward restarting his project.

In November, Farrell outlined a plan which once again increased the density. The new plan calls for 21 two-unit buildings – for a total of 42 units. At the time, Farrell told council he hoped to break ground on the project this spring.


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Bonnie's picture

this is my family property.  It appears  the sale to the city from us were very much mishandled by the mayor and city manager.  It breaks out hearts that the city has let this go on for so long.  If Marjorie Karpenski was still living there the city would have been all over her for mis kept property, mowing the field etc. in the past years of her life she and we were forced via letters to mow her field or they would fine her and mow it.  The city Manager sent a City Employee down to talk to Marjorie and convince her to sell her property to the city! It appears This is how the city works The city constantly was writing her letters a senior citizen who was raised in Saline when Old Maud Was still active.  Yet the city has sat back and aloud this to happen and looked the other way!  It appears now the mayor is up for reelection and he chooses to try and make Monroe street look better?  I don't trust this mayor or like him.  He only looks at the down town and what he wants to "look pretty" and not the places that need his attention.  I.E. the sewage Treatment Plant. The old Universal Die Cast Company Mess as well as the trailer weeds and mess to the left of he sewage treatment plant entrance! 

We the family will all be there when the house is taken down. Tears yes as to how this city treated a 50 plus year senior citizen, home owner and how they treated her over the years constantly badgering her. We wish the property had not gone to the city!