Giving Thanks for a Generous and Thoughtful Community

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Giving Thanks for a Generous and Thoughtful Community

It's good to be grateful. Even better when you have so many to be grateful for.

It's been well documented, here and elsewhere (Bridge Magazine & Columbia Journalism Review), that hundreds of Saline residents stepped up and saved The Saline Post.

Once again, I'd like to thank each and every donor and advertiser who kept us alive. I'd name you all here, but I'm not sure you want the publicity. One very generous donor told me she wanted to remain anonymous.

I often hear politicians talk about Saline as a special community. It sounds trite, because politicians in every community say the same thing about their town. But I can tell you this, I know of indie journalists in small towns across the country who launched news websites and simply couldn't make it work. What Saline did -- voluntarily paying for free news -- was unique.

So I thank you all. First for me. Secondly for the readers who couldn't pay. They still have access to local news thanks to you. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Feel free to log in (if you don't have an account, register at and tell us what you're thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Thankful for:

On a more personal level, I'm thankful to have our Ball Hockey league up and running at Livonia Rec Center on Sunday mornings.

Great exercise. Great fun. Great guys.

I'd like to get a weekly group going in the Saline area. If you're interested, email me at or join our facebook group (click here)

The Keto Diet

I'm also grateful for the keto/ketogenic diet. This summer I weighed in over 270 pounds. I started the ketogenic diet July 10 at 268 pounds. On Thanksgiving Day, I'm at 193 pounds.

That's 75 pounds in a little more than four months. That's the kind of weight loss you see on late night infomercials working to separate you from your heard-earned money.

You never know. I could be hit by a truck tomorrow. But I feel like this crazy diet (which is cheap and easy) has added years to my life. And not just years -- more active, happier years.

I learned just about everything I needed to know about the diet here: Reddit.


The Free Internet

I'm thankful for "Net Neutrality."

The FCC, appointed by people who are bought and paid for by the Verizons and Comcasts of the world, want to give hand the reins to the free Internet over to the mega-telecoms.

That makes me angry on a day when I want to be thankful. Let me tell you why.

The Internet is awesome. It's awesome because anyone, anywhere can post anything and anyone can access it.

Does that mean horrible things are on the Internet? Yes it does. But it also means the entire world is as your fingertips.

I can publish The Saline Post simply by paying for a server and installing the software. I don't have to pay Comcast or Verizon for the privilege of reaching their users.

Think about how awful the Internet will become if you every website you read has to decide if it's worth the money to buy access to their readers.

Will The Saline Posts and Chelsea Updates simply disappear from view? 

Would I have so easily found guys from all over southeast Michigan to play ball hockey?

Would have so easily found information about the ketogenic diet and all the information about nutritional values that I looked up on a daily basis early in the diet?

The Internet makes my life better on a daily basis. I'm thankful for a free and open Internet.

Disregarding all the politics of the day, ask yourself two questions:

1) If it's not broke, what are you trying to fix?

2) Do you really trust Comcast, the company that makes you buy 60 channels of garbage to get get the one channel you want, to regulate your Internet?

My wife Andrea

Back in 1997 or 1998, I really had no idea what I was doing in life. I was nine years into my college years with little to show for it. I had part-time jobs at CKLW, at Bubi's Awesome Eats and at the Chrysler mini-van assembly plant. I also published a monthly magazine with my buddy Marty and co-hosted an indie rock radio show on CJAM, the University of Windsor radio station.

One of our listeners was my future wife Andrea. About the only way I was going to have a shot with her was if she met me over the radio.

If you know Andrea, you know she loves to take in and care for stray animals. Count me among them.

I don't want to say Andrea saved my life, because I've always had a fairly strong faith that everything was going to work out. At the same time, back then, I was starting to think I'd end up dead in a ditch somewhere. The 20s can be a trying decade for young males, and I watched friends fall by the wayside in our dying industrial town.

When I left to start The Saline Post, Andrea supported me more than I had any right expect. She helps me at football games and other sporting events. 

I couldn't ask for a better partner in life.

(photo by our friend Pete Draugalis)