More Recent Saline History

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More Recent Saline History

In addition to all the great history that our own Saline Area Historical Society works to preserve and share, I thought it might be nice to see if there was interest here in discussing "more recent" Saline history.

And, as this is The Saline Post, what better place to start than with The Saline Reporter?

This is one of my own photographs, from August 12, 2015. By that time, The Saline Reporter had closed its doors for good. Albeit not the newspaper that many of us had known for years, The Saline Reporter had actually managed to outlive The Ann Arbor News — the original incarnation of The Ann Arbor News, which had succumbed to the juggernaut of journalism à la Internet. As part of The Heritage Group, however, it seemed like that conglomeration had reduced The Reporter to "The Reporter" in name only. Personally, I spent a lot of hours doing work in this building and for The Saline Reporter throughout the 1980s.

I believe that the tree visible right-of-frame was taken out later that year by a vehicular accident on West Michigan Avenue.