Photo: Winter Storm at Mill Pond Park

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Photo: Winter Storm at Mill Pond Park

It's not easy composing a shot while walking a dog in a winter storm. But this turned out OK.

Sometimes shots of a snowy park under a grey sky are dull. But I think the canopy of trees helped keep some of the snow from "whiting out" the shot. So I was able to get decent contrast. I almost never do any post work, other than resizing..

I was shooting automatic mode.

1/60th of a second.
100 ISO
F 3.5

I want to get here with some moonlight and do some long exposures.

Thoughts in response

Most of the time I shoot RAW, so post-processing is a typical part of my workflow.

To a lot of people this means "Photoshop," and that's not at all necessarily the case. I rather liken it to the physical darkroom where I used to both process film and make my own prints from negatives. Leveraging chemistry and paper for the desired look, depending upon subject matter.

Even when I shoot all-auto JPEG with my iPhone 7, I try to discipline myself to work images I share to best reflect what I had in mind when I thought to fire the shutter.

What camera were you using here? When you made your comment and posted settings data, are you recommending these?

As to moon light and long exposures at Mill Pond Park, I've found the light pollution there to be a real hindrance. So I'll definitely look forward to seeing what you're able to accomplish with that effort.

Shooting on a darkish,

Shooting on a darkish, overcast day, surrounded by snow is tough. I just let the camera figure it out.

I just posted the settings because that's what they were.    

Since I often shoot 1000 pics in an event, I almost never shoot raw. 

Regarding the moonlight, I'm thinking of the stream more than the sky.

Like so