Pontiac Trans Am at Junga's ACE Hardware

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Pontiac Trans Am at Junga's ACE Hardware

Happened across this car late last summer here in the City of Saline at The Oaks shopping plaza late last July.

Among other things, I liked the idea that the owner was literally in and out of the hardware store with parts, affecting minor repairs: Note that the driver's door is open in this photograph. Believe I'd also seen this car pass through one of the dealer lots during the 2017 Jackson Road Cruise

Wonder if that belongs to

Wonder if that belongs to Kevin Patteri, who loves to restore Trans Ams

Inquiring with local "Cars and Coffee" group

Later this morning I'll post the question to these guys on Facebook. (I have tried to encourage their participation here, as you know — but continue to get pushback on perceived difficulty in working this site directly.)


Fingers crossed for a reply here from one of the members.

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