Postcards from Saline History

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Postcards from Saline History

We're not only in the postcard business. We collect interesting postcards made by others.

The example above is from Marty's Restaurant in 1967.

At the time, it was located at 109 East Michigan Avenue in downtown Saline. The cover image includes not just an interior view (with only the staff apparently posed), but also its downtown street front. The identifying text is original to the card. On the back, printing reads as follows:

Steaks and Sea Foods. Special lunch served Daily, Week days only. Phone Hazel 9-9320

It cost 3 cents to mail this card on May 8, 1969. Anyone remember eating at Marty's?

Note: Copyright on this image has expired and it is being posted as Public Domain. It was originally published by GC O'Neil, Detroit.

Highway 112

The postcard says "112" and I wonder when we made the shift to Highway 12 and why. Anyone?

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