Saline, from "a distance"

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Saline, from "a distance"

This is a call-out for travel photos of people showing their Saline pride in destinations kinda near and very far from home.

While on vacation. Students away at college is an obvious choice. Business trips. "Ambassador missions" to overseas Sister Cities!

Ready to participate? Reply to this thread. Better still, start your own. To help us keep track of your contributions, start the title as I've done above, with "Saline, from ..." then add the name of the city, country, building museum, et cetera. For your picture, provide enough context to give us a feel for where you are. "Saline" pride-wear should also be reasonably recognizable, or, alternatively, our Hornet or your letter jacket. Business names count, so long as "Saline" is in the name or the location city is shown. By all means, indulge your creativity here.

To start things off, the photograph above was taken at the National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania. This houses the largest collection of clocks and watches outside of Switzerland, with an impressive global reputation. More particularly, shown above is its main pocket watch gallery. In addition to individual pieces, it includes preserved equipment that had been used in the production of pocket watches from the 1800s and early 1900s. The pivotal period for standard watches necessary to keep trains safely organized and running on time almost perfectly aligns with that of the passenger service period of our own historic Saline Railroad Depot.