Saline marketing envelope circa 1931

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Saline marketing envelope circa 1931

This scan is of an envelope from our collection, and was postmarked here in Saline eight-six years ago — on December 5, 1931. 

We believe that "The Swapper's Friend" was an early forerunner of what we now know as the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce. Clearly it was sufficiently well-known to require nothing more than its name for Saline Postal carriers to make returned deliveries when necessary.

Of further interest are the five images selected for its address side (no images appear on the envelope closure side). Were these deemed most important? Most representative of Saline? In some way necessary to differentiate? If any or all of the above, then why so?

  • Soldiers & Sailors monument
  • Saline High School
  • "Old Maud" on Michigan Avenue
  • Saline Creamery

Anyone care to take a stab a naming the 1931 locations for one or more of these local icons? What about updates on their more current stories?

By way of further historical perspective, this is the time period during which the Rentschler farmhouse is decorated each year for Christmas. It is also the last year for scheduled passenger service at the Saline Depot.

Note: Copyright on this image has expired and it is being posted as Public Domain. It was originally published by The Saline Observer.

Alternative Version Can Be Seen Online

The University of Michigan library server currently hosts a variation on this envelope, front and back, as part of its Harry Parsons Collection (February 1990).

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