Saline Selects: Holiday Light Contest

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Saline Selects: Holiday Light Contest

Tis the season to deck the halls. And the porch. And the windows, trees, and everything else (within city or township ordinance) you can think of.

In that spirit, we want to celebrate our neighbors who've gone above and beyond to light up the holiday season in Saline.

So we propose a contest. Actually two contests.

We want you to nominate the best decorated home and best decorated business in the Saline Area Schools district.

We'll have nominations open until Tuesday night. And then we'll put them to a poll.

The winners of each contest will receive a $50 gift card at Junga Ace Hardware, a free large pizza at Mancino's and two passes for a movie at Emagine Theatre in Saline.

And the nominator of the winners will also get two passes for movies at Emagine Theater.

But to nominate, you have to do it here, in this forum - in this very thread.

And you have to post a picture OR a video.

To post, you need to register (  and log in (

To add an image, scroll down to the bottom of the comment screen and click "choose file" when replying. To add a video, you must upload it to a third party server (twitter, youtube) and then embed it here. Use the embed media icon (see below) and paste the embed code.

embed media.jpg

So again, here's what you need to do to nominate:

1) Post the address

2) Post media (either a picture and/or video)

UPDATE: Nominations will be accepted until 12 a.m., Dec. 11.

Our thanks to Jeff and Katie Spence at Mancino's, Jim Junga at Junga Ace Hardware, and Paul Glantz at Emagine Studio for supporting our contest.


Mike Gudith house, 2015
Mike Gudith house, decorated for Christmas 2015

By way of encouraging others to participate, I'll offer up this blast from the past as the one to beat. Didn't see anything in the Official Contest Rules about when the lights had to have been put up, nor whether they must still be up to be eligible.

My Holiday Lighting nomination here is by Saline resident Mike Gudith.

In addition to my own photograph above, Jason Colthorp of covered this live in November of 2015 for Click on Detroit Local 4 TV. How's that for posting still image and video, in this forum - in this very thread?

Anyone think they can top this?

If so, I'm looking forward to seeing your entries.

Corner of Lohr and Textile
Corner of Lohr and textile. Mallord Cove


Corner of Lohr and Textile



Now we've got a real competition!

1510 Mallard Cove Drive/Corner of Lohr and Textile

Glad you got the address!!

Glad you got the address!! This house is amazing!

1041 Affirmed Ct

New Sub on NW corner of Moon and Bemis...lots of nicely decorated houses!

Jodi do you have a location?

Jodi do you have a location?

Tran, I’ll drive by this

Tran, I’ll drive by this afternoon and get the address!

Here's one in the city at

Here's one in the city at Bennett and Highland.

Video too.

Tastefully decorated home on

Tastefully decorated home on Bicentennial


Home on Crescendo Trail - in

Home on Crescendo Trail - in the sub between the Rec Center and Maple Road.


2nd home on Crescendo Way.

2nd home on Crescendo Way.

Picture doesn't do it justice, since it's animated. So here's some video.

7804 Whirlaway Dr

7804 Whirlaway Dr NW sub at Moon and Willis

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