Saline's Christmas Parade 2015

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Saline's Christmas Parade 2015

After posting our photograph from Saline's Christmas Parade in 1983, I thought there might be interest in sharing photographs from other years.

This is actually a pre-parade photograph that I made on December 5, 2015. Who could forget the incredible fog? This was also our last parade before the 2016 Michigan Avenue reconstruction project, so there are undoubtedly myriad Trivia Pursuit questions to be had from what can be seen of US-12 and the street-scape details in this image. And Mangiamo Italian Grill is no longer with us.

Who else has 2015 Saline's Christmas Parade images to share?

Who would like to start their own thread on The Saline Post Forum for other years? This is the perfect place to share your take on Saline history, keeping it preserved and organized for all to see!

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