Council Approves Cleaning Contract

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 01/24/2018 - 01:13


Saline City Council voted 6-0 to approve a new contract with a company that cleans its buildings.

First Impressions Janitorial, a Tecumseh-based firm, has been cleaning City Hall, the Rec Center and the Department of Public Works since August. It’s six-month contract with the city expires in August.

According to City Manager Todd Campbell, city staff are pleased with the level of services provided by the company. Campbell recommended a one-year contract worth $6,397 a month. Broken down by building, the city is paying $1,500 a month to clean City Hall, $400 a month for the DPW and $4,497 a month for the Rec Center. The fee for City Hall and the DPW building is unchanged from the current rate. The Rec Center rate was increased by $300 a month.

While no member of council quibbled with the price, Councillor Janet Dillon asked why the contract wasn’t put out for a bid.

“When we agreed to this six months ago, I thought we were going to put this out for a bid. Are we not doing that now?” Dillon asked.

Campbell said if the city chose to extend the agreement,it could ask the cleaning company to provide a proposal. If the city didn’t like the proposal, it could put the project out for bid.

“Since they are doing a great job and since they are staying at the same price, relatively speaking, we recommended extending their service for 12 months,” Campbell said.

Dillon wasn’t satisfied with the answer.

“Don’t we have a duty to request formal bids?” She asked.

Campbell said that cities aren’t required to bid out professional services.

Asking a question from Councillor Girbach, Campbell said the company does background checks on its employees.

Girbach asked Parks and Rec Director Carla Scruggs how the firm performed at the Rec Center.

“The cleaning crew do an excellent job keeping things cleans. But at this time of year, with a lot of foot traffic and melting snow and rainy days, it’s a never ending battle to keep the floors clean,” Scruggs said. “From our clients’ perspective, the Rec Center is very clean.”

City Hall will be cleaned Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Saline Police Department will be cleaned each weekday. The Rec Center will be cleaned seven days a week, with five-day-a-week porter service, and the DPW will be cleaned on Tuesday and Friday.

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