Gallery: Dancing with Dr. Pocket in Downtown Saline

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 07/31/2016 - 16:56

This week, the Thursday night Summer Music Series featured Dr. Pocket, a ten-member horn-driven rhythm and blues band out of Detroit. This popular band was making their third appearance in Saline.

Jill Durnen, President of Saline Main Street introduced the band, but first made an appeal for community members to continue to support downtown merchants and restaurants.

“You may have noticed that a lot of those sponsors are the downtown businesses,” Durnen said. “Construction isn’t fun for anybody, but it’s especially hard for those businesses. So Saline Main Street with Saline Chamber and the City of Saline have all joined together and we have a ‘Pave it Forward’ campaign going.”

“For every $10 you spend in a participating store or restaurant in downtown Saline you can get a raffle ticket and we have drawings the first Thursday of every month, so our next drawing is next Thursday and we’re doing it at this concert. It’s to reward you for patronizing our downtown businesses, keep them alive during construction.”

Dr. Pocket did not disappoint. They played a variety of pieces with a special emphasis on classic tunes made famous by other bands with horns, especially their favorite, Chicago. These included “Saturday in the Park,” and “Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is.”

The event was remarkable for its multigenerational appeal. From toddlers to seniors, people were dancing in the streets. There were also father daughter couples and mother son couples.

The concert was cut short at about 8:40 p.m., as lightening began flashing off to the south, However, nobody felt cheated. The band had played almost nonstop with only about a three-minute break.

The next Thursday concert will feature rockabilly music with two acts, the Billy King Band and Mike Gentry. There will be a $500 raffle drawing.

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