Scenes from Saline Winterfest 2017

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 01/30/2017 - 02:11

Before 6 a.m. Saturday morning, WXYZ, Channel 7 Television arrived at Carrigan Café in Saline to broadcast live from the Winterfest. TV personality Jennifer Ann Wilson interviewed Karen Carrigan and Mayor Brian Marl. Other local business owners and Saline Main Street Director Riley Hollenbaugh spoke with Wilson outside or at Brecon Grille.

It was the beginning of a day of indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family. Most of the businesses and two churches in the downtown area hosted events.

Hollenbaugh said he thought attendance was up this year.

"It's hard to say because people are so spread out, going from place to place, but it definitely feels a little busier this year," Hollenbaugh said. "Some of the people we talked to weren't from Saline, so maybe the TV coverage helped bring new people to town."

Younger children’s activities included an inflatable bounce house and obstacle course and other fitness-related happenings at Workout1. St. Paul United Church of Christ offered crafts and treats including freshly popped popcorn and hot chocolate.

There was a broad range of activities for children and adults of all ages. First Presbyterian Church held a jigsaw puzzle competition. Several four-member teams had two hours to finish their puzzles, but the winners finished it in slightly under one hour.

There was a line obstacle course on Ann Arbor Street, where competitors had to move a block of wood with a hole in it along a cable through a variety of obstacles, trying to do it in the minimum time. A broom ball court in the street also provided fun for all ages.

There was a giant Plinko board at The NEWS Arts and Antiques. Marty Flint had a dart board set up at his Excalibur Barbershop. Maureen White-Goeman of Maureen’s Designs offered a memory match game like the old TV game show, “Concentration.”

At the Pineapple House people could play a price guessing game like “The Price is Right.” At New Era Chiropractic, guest tried to shoot at Star-Wars-themed targets with a dart gun. At Smoke Barbeque, there were three games available to play, all of which involved completing a challenging task in one minute.

For outdoor lovers, there was Corn Hole in back of Dan’s Tavern, bowling in the Beer Garden at Salt Springs Brewery and a Cold Butt Euchre Tournament on the patio at Mac’s Acadian Seafood Shack.

Many families participated in the activities. Points awarded in the various competitions could be cashed in for prizes at Carrigan Café.

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