ELECTION: Saline Voters Approve Road Millage, Elect Estep and Steben to School Board

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 11/07/2018 - 01:38

Salinians elected two trustees on the Board of Education and voted overwhelmingly in support of a City of Saline charter amendment allowing a five-year, 1-mill tax for road improvement.

There were six candidates for two six-year seats on Saline School Board. Susan Estep (5,391) was the top vote-getter. Jennifer Steben (4,857) finished second to take the second seat. Brian Woodruff (4,682), incumbent Scott Hummel (3,310), Thomas Frederick (2,163) and Richard Conn (1,553) also ran.

Estep manages a student affairs program in the division of enrollment management and student life at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She said she decided to run for the board because she wants her children to have the best possible experience throughout their education. She said she thinks the district can do more to create and maintain safe and supportive schools – especially for marginalized students. She also said she would like to improve transparency on the board and facilitate better communication between the board and its constituents.

Steben is Vice-President for global sales at Gutenberg Technology, an educational technology/software company. She said she’s running because her community engagement and professional experience make her uniquely posed to contribute more to Saline and she wants Saline kids to have their best foundation for their lives. She would like to see the district improve in the areas of inclusion, communication and safety.

Mayor Brian Marl and Saline City Council members Janet Dillon, Dean Girbach and Christen Mitchell were re-elected to council. All were unopposed and elected to two-year seats on council.

The big news for City of Saline residents was the road millage. Saline residents voted 2,686-2,151 to approve the proposal to amend the city charter, allowing the city to enact a five-year, one-mill levy.

Mayor Marl was one of the proposal’s proponents.

“I want to take the residents of the City of Saline for taking a bit of a leap and trusting us with Proposal 5. We will spend those dollars strategically and wisely and folks can expect to see improvements on their major and local streets in the next five years,” Marl said.


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