Mayor Marl Launches Re-Election Campaign, Welcomes Challengers

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 06/25/2016 - 16:57

City of Saline Mayor Brian Marl launched his reelection campaign in front of supporters at Mac’s Acadian Seafood Grill Thursday.

Marl is seeking his third two-year term.

Attendees included a majority of the Saline City Council, County Commissioner Alicia Ping, business owners like Ziad Ghamrawi, Saline Pharmacy, and Mitch Rohde, Quantum Signal, and Saline Area Chamber of Commerce leadership.

“I’m just as passionate about this community and its future today as I was when I announced my candidacy for mayor in March of 2012,” Marl said after his speech to supporters. “There’s a lot of work that’s been done but there’s a lot of work that remains unfinished. We have a lot to accomplish. I want to be a part of that.”

When asked about the state of the city, Marl listed several challenges but said the city is strong.

“There are a number of things that require more work, such as business attraction and retention, substance abuse, and finding a reliable funding stream for our roads and infrastructure,” Marl said. “But we’ve made tangible progress on many things over the last three and a half years.”

Asked about the city’s greatest successes in his first two terms, Marl pointed to working with local businesses.

“We’ve worked with companies like MMI, who expanded in Saline. We worked with Liebherr to expand in Saline. I’m really proud of how our strategic financial position has evolved and progressed,” Marl said. “I’m also proud of the increased emphasis we’ve placed on health and wellness. Our Rec Center is seeing increased membership and helping more people live healthier lives.”

Marl said he’s not aware of any one else running for Mayor, but he said he welcomes a challenge.

“From a personal perspective, it’s great when you don’t have competition. But when you take a more altruistic view, the citizens of Saline deserve a competition. They deserve a choice,” Marl said. “So I look forward to a competition and a polite discussion about this community and its future.”

Saline Mayor Pro-Tem David Rhoads said he was 100 percent behind Marl’s reelection campaign.

“I think Brian has done a great job. I’ve enjoyed working with him. He’s open to new ideas and when he says he’s going to do something he does it,” Rhoads said. “He’s moving this community forward. I believe the majority of the community is behind him.”

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