Washtenaw County Voters Can Request to Be Automatically Mailed an Absent Voter Ballot Application Prior to Every Election

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 04/23/2020 - 15:27

Washtenaw County voters interested in voting by mail during upcoming 2020 elections can sign up to receive an Absent Voter Ballot Application automatically prior to every election at Washtenaw.org/Voters.

Absent Voter Ballots provide an easy, safe, and secure way to vote without visiting a polling location.

The Washtenaw County Clerk/Register’s office has launched an online form to provide a convenient way for Washtenaw County voters to request to be placed on their city or township clerk’s Permanent Absent Voter List.

Voters on their city or township clerk’s Permanent Absent Voter List are sent an Absent Voter Ballot Application by mail prior to every upcoming election.

Voters on the Permanent Absent Voter List are not automatically sent an actual ballot.

The voter can choose if they would like to submit the application to their city or township clerk to receive a ballot.

“This online form will make it easy for any Washtenaw County voter to join the permanent absentee list, to receive an application before every election,” says Washtenaw County Clerk/Register Lawrence Kestenbaum. “This service is provided through a collaborative effort between my office and the 26 city and township clerks throughout the county.”

Voters do not need to be on the Permanent Absent Voter List in order to submit an Absent Voter Ballot Application.

Voters registered in Washtenaw County can request to be placed on the Permanent Absent Voter List by using the form available at Washtenaw.org/voters or by contacting their City or Township Clerk directly.

City of Ann Arbor voters can also visit a2gov.org/elections to submit their request to be placed on the Permanent Absent Voter List directly to the Ann Arbor City Clerk’s office.

14% (42,500) of Washtenaw County’s 302,000 registered voters currently appear on their City or Township’s Permanent Absent Voter List.

Voters can check to see if they are already registered on the Permanent Absent Voter List by visiting Michigan.gov/Vote.

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