Katie Spence Wins Guaranteed Rate Bracket Contest

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 04/09/2018 - 13:52
Katie Spence, right, won the Guaranteed Rate bracket contest. She's pictured with Jeff Verhines, left, who finished third, and Brad Kerch, senior loan officer at Guaranteed Rate.

Katie Spence had Villanova winning the NCAA basketball tournament from the outset. But she gladly would have traded her bracket winnings for a Michigan victory.

Spence was the champion of the Guaranteed Rate bracket challenge, presented by Rick Richter. She finished with 149 points – seven better than the second place finisher.

She received a $300 gift certificate to Mac’s Acadian Seafood Shack.

Spence picked three of the final four: Villanova, Kansas and Michigan. She had Cincinnati coming out of the South region. She had Villanova besting Michigan in the final.

In fact, Spence was one of at least three people to call Michigan-Villanova in the championship game.

“I’ve always been pretty good at brackets,” said Spence, who co-owns Mancino’s in Saline.

Although she was happy to win the bracket, Spence would have gladly traded her victory to see Michigan win the championship game. Still, she had no problem using the gift certificate to treat her family to a meal at Mac’s last Friday.

Jeff Verhines placed third. Like Spence, he had Villanova defeating Michigan in the championship game. And like Spence, he gladly would have traded his gift certificate for a Michigan victory.

Rick Richter, who manages the Saline branch of Guaranteed Rate, said he hopes to run more local contests.

“It’s fun. We wanted to run an office bracket, but we decided to try and get more people in involved,” Richter said.


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