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Sunday, 2019 Jun 16th

The City of Saline hosts the second annual Fourth of July Celebration, offering fireworks, live music and a kid-friendly bouncehouse,

The celebration will be held at Crabtree Field, located between Saline Middle School and Liberty School. The fields open at 8 p.m. The show will begin shortly after dusk.

Handicap parking will be available in the parking lot east of Liberty School.


Findings from a recent scientific study of the waters of Scotland’s Loch Ness, suggest the famed Loch Ness Monster may be real—possibly a long-necked plesiosaur that survived from the age of the dinosaurs, or a sturgeon or giant catfish.


Arts & Entertainment

Saturday, 2019 Jun 15th

A Clark Street apartment complex was evacuated after a roof collapse early Saturday morning, forcing several residents into new apartments.

Fortunately, there were no injuries, but residents living in Thorncrest Apartments, at 266 Clark St., have been barred from entering their apartments - leaving behind belongings and, in at least one case, a pet cat.

Firefighters were called to Thorncrest Apartments around 9:45 a.m. Firefighter Brandon Sears confirmed there were no injuries. Sears said the collapse occurred around four or five hours before firefighters arrived.


Friday, 2019 Jun 14th

The tally of teachers retiring from Saline Area Schools after the district offered a severance package earlier this year to reduce employee compensation costs was at 23 when Curt Ellis, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources spoke to bid those educators farewell this week.

"We have 11 of the 23 teachers retiring here tonight ... they represent a total of 568 years of experience," Ellis said, eliciting an audible gasp from the large crowd attending Tuesday's Board of Ed meeting.


How often have you heard a student ask, "Why am I learning this?" or "How am I going to be able to use this in the real world?"

Saline Area Schools' new Innovation Lab program sounds like it will address those questions while shifting the paradigm of teaching kids "what" to think to one where they're shown "how" to think, according to program heads Kelly Widman and Julie Myers.


As the Foundation for Saline Area Schools reaches the end of its first school year issuing grants on a rolling basis, or at regular intervals throughout the year rather than all in one shot at year's end, overall financial support and contribution levels are looking stronger than ever.

This past year alone the foundation has issued $86,000 through 39 grants, bringing the total amount contributed since the foundation was started in 1987 to nearly $1.3 million. 


New trees and community gardens could soon come to Pittsfield parks according to a new preservation plan recommended to the township’s trustees during last week’s board meeting.


Thursday, 2019 Jun 13th

Black Murray, an acoustic quartet named after a 15th century Scottish outlaw immortalized in the ballad “Outlaw Murray,” will bring their energetic music to this year’s Saline Celtic Festival, July 12-13 in Mill Pond Park. The band will play on Saturday, July 13, at 3 p.m. in the Red Dragon tent, and in the grand finale at 10:15 p.m.

Arts & Entertainment

Thursday's schedule Salty Sounds of Summer Concert has been moved from downtown Saline to the Fifth Corner Teen Center, located at the Corner of Willis Road and South Ann Arbor Street.

The featured musician is The Pajamas - a dance-jam band.

The show starts at 7 p.m.

There is no charge.


Downtown Saline

Salty Summer Sounds (formerly known as the Summer Music Series) is an outdoor concert brought to you each week by Saline Main Street. This year the downtown community development nonprofit launches their live music calendar on Thursday, June 13th with local jam band, Pajamas. Wear your favorite jammies  to this fab pajama party and be entered to win the Grand Prize for coolest PJs!

Downtown Saline

The Saline Township board took care of business in less than 45 minutes at its regular meeting on Monday night. Township Supervisor Jim Marion announced that Board Trustee Robert Marion had been hospitalized and would be absent.


With the filing deadline still more than a month away, two citizens have pulled petitions to run for Saline City Council.

Clerk Terri Royal said Tuesdays that Jack Ceo, seeking a third term, and Brian Cassise, who would be seeking his first term, have pulled nominating petitions from the Clerk's office.

Ceo, Linda TerHaar and Heidi McClelland are the three council members whose terms expire at the end of 2019. 


Wednesday, 2019 Jun 12th

Months after I Am Jazz, a video about a young transgender person, was screened in Saline elementary schools, the debate has continued to rage in the community and at Saline Board of Education meetings. On Facebook, conservative and liberal groups have rallied their communities to appear to speak at the board meetings, and to cheer on those who do. At both meetings in May, the board spent considerable time listening to public commentary on issues with little relation to agenda items in front of the board.


Tuesday, 2019 Jun 11th

Saline police arrested a 19-year-old Vassar, Mich., man for refusing a preliminary breath test June 6. A Saline police officer spotted two young males walking near Bennett and Lewis streets. Because of a recent series of larcenies from vehicles, police stopped to talk to the men. Police noticed one of the men appeared to have been drinking. The man refused a breath test and refused to provide his identification or his name. Police arrested him for minor in possession and took him to the police department for fingerprints. At the station the man gave his name.

Police & Fire

Pittsfield Township’s Department of Public Safety has joined the Saline Police Department to host a free workshop on active shooter survival for local businesses. The seminar will be held from 9 a.m. to noon, June 25 at the auditorium in Saline High School Auditorium,1300 Campus Parkway. 

Michigan OSHA/IMT trainers, Dr. Kenneth Wolf and Marilyn Knight, will be presenting: “Active Shooter Survival: Preparation and Recovery”.  

Police & Fire

SASC is hosting another blood drive through MI Blood. If you are able to donate, please register at https://donate.miblood.org/donor/schedules/drive_schedule/120345  or call the SASC front desk.

Monday, June 17, 2019


Liberty school building in background, sign reading "Saline Area Schools District Office" in foreground

Per the board's policy, all policy changes must be announced in one board meeting, then voted on at a later board meeting.  They cannot announce a change, and then immediately vote on it in the same meeting.

In order to get around that they are holding two board meetings tonight, one at 6pm to announce the change, and then one at 6:30pm - their normal meeting time - in order to vote on it.


The Hepatitis A outbreak is ongoing in Michigan and has infected 20 adults in Washtenaw County. While there are no new cases in Washtenaw, the Health Department continues to recommend good handwashing and vaccination to prevent infection. Hand sanitizer does not kill the hepatitis A virus. 

Pop-up vaccination clinics have been organized around Washtenaw County. Residents who are uninsured, have Medicaid, or are at higher risk of exposure can receive the vaccination at no additional charge. Clinics are at the following locations:


Monday, 2019 Jun 10th

The Saline Board of Education will recognize retiring staff at Tuesday’s Board of Education. This year’s roster of retirees is long – with some of the district’s most recognizable times.

Among the retirees are teachers Diana Aikens, Scott Theisen, Al Leslie, Alicia Seegert, Michael Karapas, Janice Martin, Sandra Miller, Scott Stull, Linda Heath, Pete Loveland, Sherry McCargar, Susan Rosanski and Linda McCormick.