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Wednesday, 2013 Feb 13th

Janice Warner, Assistant Superintendent for Finances at Saline Area Schools, provided the Board of Education with an update on the school's finances at Tuesday's meeting.



Rhythm Dance Crew, a popular dance studio in downtown Saline, is proud to announce the National Championship title for their UDA Dance Team. The UDA National Dance Team Competition was held at ESPN Studios in Orlando, Florida the weekend of Feb. 1. The RDC team was one of 330 teams representing all fifty states in the U.S. ESPN will broadcast the competition, dates TBD.

Community News

Tuesday, 2013 Feb 12th

Saline Area Schools students also bested other top performing school districts, like Chelsea and Dexter.


Careless smoking is cited as the reason for a mattress fire that was contained before there were injuries or serious damage.

Police & Fire

Seniors can get free tax assistance by appointment on Monday afternoons.


Adam Whitener, David Boland, Josh Ehrman and Mike Bundas broke two relay records, while Boland broke the record in the 100 butterfly.


Lodi Township proposed a 425 agreement that would transfer Keystone Community Church into the city, but city council will wait to see the State Boundary Commission annexes the church and several residential properties with it.


Named for a pioneering 19th century newspaper editor, feminist thinker, public speaker and suffragist, the Amelia Bloomer List features books about girls and women that spur the imagination while confronting traditional female stereotypes.

Community News

Monday, 2013 Feb 11th

Sunday, 2013 Feb 10th

With farmers working in the fields just outside the classroom and a large outdoor yard, Bemis Farms' schoolyard habitat provides unique opportunities to interact with nature.


Saline City Council has a work session at 6 p.m. and regular meeting at 7:30 p.m.


After meeting for nearly four hours Feb. 2, the board continues its goal-setting activity Monday evening at Liberty School.


Saline High School senior Melissa Needham signed a letter of intent to play soccer at Bowling Green State University, where she will study pre-physical therapy.


       Advice is overrated! I found myself saying this to someone in my office last week. I caught myself, as did she. “What,” she said, “don’t you write an advice column?” Oops!! To heavily paraphrase what happened next, I responded, yes, yes, let me explain. Everything in its context right? Advice can be helpful at times, but not always. In your case, getting advice from your friends about how to find a job has not been very helpful. You’ve either tried it already and it hasn’t worked, or it just makes you feel like more of a failure.

Barbara Hill, mother of four, passed away at the age of 83 at at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor.


A private burial will be conducted by the immediate family at Pond Town Cemetery, Norfolk, CT.


The first program of 2013 takes place Feb. 10 at Liberty School.


Has there ever been a more successful class of Hornets, in any sport?