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Wednesday, 2013 Jul 31st

The physicals are available for $30 at Saline Middle School.

Hound Dog

Jailhouse Rock

Heartbreak Hotel

Are you Lonesome Tonight?

Crying in the Chapel

Blue Hawaii


Tuesday, 2013 Jul 30th

The Saline High School track is home to some of the state’s fastest student-athletes. Sunday night, the track plays host to some of the fastest men in America.

Monday, 2013 Jul 29th

This second annual Saline Rotary Rubber Duck Race takes place at 2 p.m., Aug. 10 at Curtiss Park.

The annual dinner will help the Friends of the Saline Area Fire Department purchase thermal imaging cameras for the department.

One man from Ypsilanti and another man from Freedom Township were killed in the collision

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Last week we posted that SCTN will be doing weekly update on thesalinepost.com, so here is the first one!

We have a lot of exciting new videos posted on our Vimeo site over the past week.  If you're not familiar with our online videos you can check them out at: http://vimeopro.com/sctn/18 or by going through our main site at www.sctn.org.


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Sunday, 2013 Jul 28th

The 18th Annual Saline Police Department D.A.R.E. golf outing takes place at 8:30 a.m., Sept. 9, at Rustic Glen Golf Course.

The following news items are from Saline Police Department records.

Paul Teboe, instructor at Saline ATA Martial Arts, returned Little Rock Arkansas with several new world championship titles.

Little Rock Arkansas was home to the Taekwondo World Expo July 8-14. Teboe became the only person to become a three-time world champion in comat weapon sparring and the first person to be world champion in the combat weapon event and in traditional sparring in the same season.

Saturday, 2013 Jul 27th

Attendance was light at the first of two town hall meetings on the city budget.

Friday, 2013 Jul 26th

Thursday, 2013 Jul 25th

Milling and paving will reduce traffic to one lane at times between Boettner Road and just east of Grass Road.

Roth received more votes than any other candidate in 2011.

Police observed the men breaking into an unmarked vehicle on Berkshire Drive.

This weekend offers two concerts, a movie, camping, and more.

Wednesday, 2013 Jul 24th

To date, Terri Sibo, Sal Randazzo and incumbent Linda TerHaar are the only candidates to confirm their intention to run for city council.