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Monday, 2013 Jun 17th

Council meets at 6 p.m. for a work meeting and then at 7:30 p.m. for the regular meeting.

Local psychologist Smita Nagpal answers your questions

Sunday, 2013 Jun 16th

Happy Father's Day.  Saline Area Players are getting ready for our 40th Anniversary Gala this Saturday, June 22 at 8 PM at Liberty School. Here's our "photo of the day" from our previous shows, a picture of a well-known theater father, Mr. Frank Gilbreth, from the play "Cheaper by the Dozen."   The play was based on a biographical account of his real life's work as an efficiency expert.  In this scene, he shows the kids how to take a bath the most efficiently as possible.

Williams, a 2011 Saline High School grad, earned a $10,000 scholarship and will compete in the Miss America pageant in September.

Saturday, 2013 Jun 15th

Ian Martin shot a 149 over two days, good for sixth in the state, to lead the Hornets.

SAP's 40th Anniversary Gala is in one week.  Reserve your tickets now at [email protected]  I'm posting a picture each day of a scene from a previous SAP show.  We had 40 years of amazing shows.  Enjoy the colorful pictures.  This one is from Music Man which was produced in 2004.  Here is the scene on the train as they are entering Iowa and talking about the mysterious Mr. Harold Hill.

The 2011 Saline High School grad and former Twirlette won the talent and swimsuit portions of the event.

As The Saline Post nears its one year anniversary, owner Tran Longmoore let's readers know where the community media project stands.

Friday, 2013 Jun 14th

It is one week until Saline Area Players' 40th Anniversary Gala.  It is a show celebrating 40 years of local entertainment combined with a party at Mac's for a ticket price of $10.  The best deal in town.  I'm posting pix from our 40 years over the week.  Enjoy this one with Alison Robison as Dolly in "Hello, Dolly!".  She'll be one of the performers at the gala.  

If Mayor Brian Marl and the 400 guests didn't leave Thursday night's concert humming melodies and tapping their feet, the Saline Fiddlers gave them something else they'll remember.

Near the end of the free Summer Music Series concert, Saline Fiddlers director Ben Culver presented Mayor Marl with of the local youth band performing at last year's Summer Music Series concert. Mayor Marl said the picture would find a home at City Hall.


Really into food? We've got the job for you!


Thursday, 2013 Jun 13th

As we've been gearing up for Saline Area Players' 40th Anniversary Gala on June 22 at 8PM at Liberty School, it has been so much fun to look at pictures from old shows.  Even if you're not familiar with the show, it is amazing to look at the sets and costumes and make-up from over the years.  In our countdown to the show, I'll be posting photos from past shows every few days.  To see more and to enjoy a night of amazing talent plus a party following at Mac's Acadian Seafood Shack for $10/ticket, come see the show.

Students who register before August 1 will save money.

The board retired 16 retiring employees who served a total of 401 years. The longest serving was teacher Mary Converse, who taught 47 years in Saline Schools.

Wednesday, 2013 Jun 12th

Gardner graduated with a degree in Theatre and Dance

Frailey is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering.

Eddington, Colarossi, Petty and Stuk made the grade.