City Grants Preliminary Approval for 158-Home Layher Farms Development

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 10/17/2018 - 18:27

Saline City Council granted preliminary approval of a 158-home subdivision on the recently annexed 71-acre parcel known as Layher Farms.

Layher Farms of Saline, being developed by Grand Sakwa Saline, LLC, is proposed using the city’s planned unit development ordinance. Planning commission previously voted to approve the preliminary PUD site plan to council with several conditions.

Layher Farms is located north of Maplewood Farms, off Maple Road. The property is located on both sides of Maple Road with almost two thirds of the property east of Maple Road. It features 158 single-family homes which will be developed in three phases of about 50 homes each.

Site work could begin as early as spring of 2019. The first phase will be located east of Maple Road. It’s expected three phases will be completed over five years.

The two-story homes will begin around $450,000 with average costs around $500,000.

About 54 percent of the site will be open space, however homes will be clustered to have smaller lots (6,600 square feet instead of 11,700 square feet). The lots will be 60 feet wide and have smaller setbacks in the front and rear.

Parking will be on allowed on side of the road throughout the subdivision.

The $80 million project is expected to add 370 people to the city, creating about $1.8 million in tax revenue annually for the city, schools and county.

The project would also generate $1.5 million in tap fees for utilities. Mayor Brian Marl indicated the revenue could be used to improve the sanitary sewer system’s eastern belt, which would serve the development. The eastern belt has experienced discharge around Maple Road and Michigan Avenue and there are three new developments coming on line along that belt.


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