City of Saline Invites Businesses to Participate in Community Wide Job Fair

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 07/26/2018 - 17:45

The City of Saline, in conjunction with the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce, Saline Area Schools and Saline Main Street, is hosting a Community Wide Job Fair. At this time, we are looking for local employers that would be interested in participating.

This job fair will be unique in that we will bring interested employees to your place of business to see hands-on your working environment. Should you choose not to host and would rather set up a booth at our Central Hub, that is a possibility as well. 

For more information or to sign your business up to participate, please contact Mickie Jo Bennett, City Treasurer and Business Ambassador, at [email protected] or 734-429-4907 ext 2203

City of Saline celebrating 150 years of community, progressively building on a rich culture as we bridge a future of innovation.

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