Construction Update: Expect Intermittent Lane Closures as Punch List Completed

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 12/02/2016 - 14:03

(From City Manager Todd Campbell)

Wow! Time sure flies when you are having fun.  The project partners (MDOT representatives, Hoffman Bros., sub-contractors and City staff) conducted the last regular weekly Michigan Ave construction progress meeting this past week.  On one hand it feels like a long time coming.  However, on the other hand it feels like the first day Hoffman Bros. began the project on April 25th was just a couple weeks ago. 

The remaining punch list projects will continue to be completed over the next few weeks, with some items needing to be completed in the spring.  That being said, this will be the last regular weekly construction update.  We will also be removing the construction cam from downtown after the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce’s Christmas Parade on December 3rd.  Thanks again for all of the community partners, residents and business owners that worked together and had great patience to make this very large project successful. 

Reminder that the City of Saline is still selling pieces of the old street car tracks on a first come first served basis at City Hall, for those folks that would like to own a piece of Saline history.  The cost is $25 for a 12” section of track; a portion of the proceeds will be used to pay for the cost of cutting up the track with the balance going towards a fundraiser to assist in paying for the new downtown streetscape.

Week of December 5th:          
Traffic Information
All streets remain open.  We will continue to see intermittent lane closures and construction barrels at various locations around the project as the contractors work toward completion.    

Pedestrian Traffic
The majority of concrete sidewalk has been installed throughout the project.  DTE’s contractor continues to work on replacing sidewalks and the retaining wall at Michigan Ave/Maple Road intersection. 

Construction Activities
Decorative brick continues to be installed.

Decorative lighting to continue to be installed

The schedule/design for installing the decorative railing and steps for the west side of the 100 block on N. Ann Arbor Street is being determined currently. 

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City of Saline

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