Construction Update: Gas Line Work Closes Maple at Michigan This Weekend

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 09/16/2016 - 16:07

(Submitted by DPW Director Jef Fordice)

Hoffman Brothers continues underground work on the north half of the project while their subcontractors complete streetscape items on the south half.  Sanitary sewer replacement, storm sewers, water services, gas main relocation, and excavation for the new road bed dominate work on the north.  On the south, street lights are going up and bricks are going down.  Yesterday, some of the south side street lights were turned on for the first time.  Please see the Traffic section below for important information about the Maple Road intersection

Note:  Trash pick-up for those residents and businesses located in the construction zone – Waste Management will continue to pick up trash as regularly scheduled, however, due to the construction there may be instances when your trash is not picked-up on the regular day.  If this happens, Waste Management will be picking up the missed trash collection the next day.  Additionally, if Waste Management is not able to pick up your trash/recycling as regularly scheduled City staff encourages folks to contact the Department of Public Works (DPW) with questions/comments at 429-5624.

The City of Saline is selling pieces of the old street car tracks on a first come first served basis at City Hall, for those folks that would like to own a piece of Saline history.  The cost is $25 for a 12” section of track; a portion of the proceeds will be used to pay for the cost of cutting up the track with the balance going towards a fundraiser to assist in paying for the new downtown streetscape.

Week of September 19th

Traffic Information
The N. Harris Street intersection will open September 17th.  Davenport Street on the north side of Michigan Ave will remain closed until the end of the week.  Lewis Street will be closed toward the end of the week to allow installation of the new sanitary sewer.

The significant change for the next several weeks will be the realignment and weekend closure of the Maple Road intersection.  The intersection will be restriped to make room for gas main relocation on the west side of the street.  Northbound and southbound traffic will be maintained, but the lanes will be narrow and shifted to the east.  This shift is expected to last 5 weeks.

The gas main work also requires the complete closure of the road beginning at 6 AM Saturday the 17th through 5 AM Monday the 19th.  Detour routes will be posted.  Another closure is anticipated the following weekend.

City staff encourages everyone to slow down, be patient and obey the traffic signs.  In addition, please do not take short-cuts through private property in an attempt to avoid the current traffic shifts/detour routes, as it is illegal and unsafe.  And please pause to let people out of their driveways. 

Pedestrian Traffic
Good news!  The pedestrian access from the bridge east towards downtown is open.  Some, but not all of the concrete path has been installed.  In an attempt to provide pedestrian access for residents west of the bridge, the contractor has put in asphalt for a temporary path in a few locations to complete the pedestrian access route.  The temporary asphalt patches will be replaced with concrete later in the project.  Access to businesses will continue to be maintained.  Please follow the signs, obey the barricades, and watch your step.  Pedestrian detours may change periodically for the duration of the project, depending on the specific work that is being done.  Please pay attention to the pedestrian detour signs and follow them accordingly. 

There are parts of the construction zone that are not open to pedestrian traffic.  There are also signs designating alternate pedestrian routes throughout the construction zone.  Please obey the signs and seek alternate pedestrian routes that don’t include walking down the middle of re-routed traffic lanes.

Construction Activities
Sanitary sewer, storm sewer, sanitary and water service lines, and excavation for the roadway continue all week.

The sidewalk brick work continues on the south side of Michigan Ave and along S. Ann Arbor Street this coming week.

Decorative lighting installation will continue.  New south side lights were turned on September 15th.  The contractor will continue with installations on the south side and will complete removal of poles on the north side.

Gas main relocation is taking place at the east of the project.

Please stay tuned for updates as the Michigan Ave project progresses.  The City of Saline staff will be providing a minimum of a weekly update and sometimes daily informational postings depending on what is taking place in the construction zone. 

Remember to visit our local Saline businesses during and after this great project and look for the Pave It Forward logo and the fun promotions being provide by Saline Main Street and the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce. 

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