Construction Update: North Ann Arbor Street Opens Saturday

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 10/27/2016 - 16:01

(Submitted by City of Saline Manager Todd Campbell)

Hoffman Bros. originally scheduled the N. Ann Arbor Street/Michigan Ave intersection to re-open and the Maple/Michigan Ave intersection to close on Friday, October 28th, first thing in the morning.  Due to the rain yesterday and today, the N. Ann Arbor intersection will re-open and the Maple intersection will close beginning early morning on Saturday, October 29th

Please stay tuned for updates as the Michigan Ave project progresses.  The City of Saline staff will be providing a minimum of a weekly update and sometimes daily informational postings depending on what is taking place in the construction zone. 

Remember to visit our local Saline businesses during and after this great project and look for the Pave It Forward logo and the fun promotions being provide by Saline Main Street and the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce.                                                                                                             

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