Construction on West Bennett Street Set to Begin Saturday

 10/13/2017 - 16:06
Work on West Bennett Street is set to begin Saturday

City of Saline Manager Todd Campbell released the following details about the city's ongoing paving projects.


Asphalt removals are complete.  The underdrain installation, subbase undercuts, limestone base placement and site grading will be completed Friday, October 13th.

The planned activities for the week of October 16th include:

Base preparation and tack coat October 16th.

Asphalt paving is scheduled for October 17th – 18th.

Pavement markings and bumper placement is scheduled for October 19th – 20th.

Parking lot #4 is currently scheduled to re-open by the end of the day on October 20th.



The contractor is scheduled to begin the pavement milling/removal and re-paving project October 23rd, with a completion date of November 3rd.  


The contractor is scheduled to begin and complete the milling and re-paving of current patched sections of W. Bennett Street on Saturday, October 14th.   

Note:  The above schedules are of course weather dependent.

Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to contact the City Engineer (734-429-8296 ext 2222) or the DPW (734-429-5624 ext 260) with questions/concerns.


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Mary Hess's picture

It appears the loop drive to the left of the mausoleum  will Not Get any limestone, gravel, of wire put into the base under the asphalt topping as the rest of the cemetery drives.  Although this drive services about 1/3 of the OLD Cemetery . It appears there wasen't anything done to the base of this area when it was done about twenty some years ago either.  Why ?  I was told by city , it has a good base. It would have the same base as the entrances off Monroe St.  Was it just to cut costs for the Old Section ? because no-one would notice.