Cornell Honored for 30 Years as Saline Police Department Dispatcher

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 08/11/2017 - 03:35
Mayor Brian Marl (right) honored longtime Saline Police Department Dispatcher Kevin Cornell at Monday's meeting.

After 32 years in law enforcement, dispatcher Kevin Cornell has retired.

Cornell began his law enforcement career as a part-time dispatcher in Milan in 1985 and began working as a part-time dispatcher for Saline in 1987 and quickly became a full-time employee.

Police Chief Larry Hrinik and Mayor Brian Marl honored Cornell at Monday’s city council meeting.

Hrinik said “it was always sad and happy at the same time” to say good bye to a longtime employee.

“Kevin Cornell has been with the department for over 30 years,” said Hrinik, who learned that, like himself, Cornell was a EMT trainer. “We traveled to classes together and had a special bond. So I’m going to miss him.”

Marl said Cornell has been an outstanding employee of the Saline Police Department.

“He is a solid dispatcher and an outstanding presence in the department and he will be missed,” Marl said.

While he’s retired from the police department, Cornell will continue to serve the citizens of Saline.

“His public safety service will continue. Many of you know Kevin is a full-time employee of the Saline Area Fire Department and, as you would expect, he does an outstanding job there, as well,” Marl said.

He began working with the fire department in 2002, at which point he returned to part-time status in the Saline Police Department.

Marl, who recently presided over the wedding of Kevin and his wife ReAnna, said he was proud to be colleague and friend of Cornell.



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